Monday, February 17, 2014

Quiet Night in Time

Quiet Night in Time
This rose stained for time has stopped and to this I know not enough for time, standing still to this silent night.
These tears that of which escape me draw paths smoothly staining down and deeply I fall victim to this still silent night.
These petals a little crisp as the cold creeps as I await to cascade into a sleep of condescending dreams.
This stem supposedly straight, unexpectedly almost uncontrollable wilts wonderfully to the endless quiet on this never-ending night.
These leaves crinkling and crumbling as if tossing and turning in a bed of shattering roses trying to redeem what's left of this not quite satisfying masochistic evening.
These thorns grow more as time continues sharply, enlightened my thorns are sadistic depending and thriving on that which is inflicted.
Intuition has always intrigued my attention that of which has always captured those fallen petals from that of the beloved bleeding rose.
I know not of what I do, but that of what I am and what I am is the bleeding part of a purple rose. And when time is isolated that part of me which bleeds stops significantly consuming me entirely.
And this night encloses me completely encasing my shattered petals encompassing my fragile stem and enveloping those leaves ever so carefully.
The purple that once was following a flowing path along those venomous veins throughout the stem, the leaves, and of course the purplest petals has stopped because as I sit on this quiet night in time, the purple shall not bleed the rose.
And so as I'm consumed completely my mind is finally at peace and so drooping, my eyelids slowly shut and my restless night that was never ending finally comes to that end letting time that stood so still suppress and sinfully resuming, the purple slowly starts to flow.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Met

Just Met
As everyone looks I'm so caught starring,
but I can't remove my eyes
I'm so not caring
And then his eyes finally meet mine.
It seemed like forever with every moment passing,
we were unchanged.
I'm glad to know true love exists,
but what would you call this,
if our eyes just met.
For all I know there was this gravitational pull,
connecting the two of us
in this crowded room that felt too full.
I've never felt so speechless and strained for air,
my hearing enlightened me to hear a pin dropping
and blocking out all the rest,
my vision was fixated on this stranger
who I seemed like I knew forever,
my throat felt dry and my heart throbbed in my chest,
my arms felt heavy to all the rest.
And yet our eyes were locked with such a force.

Too Late

Too Late
So there's this boy next door who always has a sad face on.
His mom's always yelling and he hates the fact his dad is gone.
There's always bruises on his cheeks and around his eyes,
he wears a ball cap.
I know what he's hiding, I know how he feels,
I've been there to know what he lacks.
Every morning he walks with this girl
and they never talk, they enjoy the silence, together.
So he gets up in the morning
and he goes to school to learn
but he can't concentrate from the yelling
and the teacher looks concerned.
So when will his day come,
when he'll move on and won't feel so numb.
She can't get up the guts to talk to him
and he's just so blind to see.
They're speechless, both you and me.
One day after he walked me home,
his face didn't leave my mind,
I decided to go see him,
so he wouldn't have to face her alone.
So he gets up in the morning
and he goes to school to learn
but he can't concentrate from the yelling
and the teacher looks concerned.
So when will his day come ,
when he'll move on and won't feel so numb.
As I walked onto the porch, I saw her on the floor.
My heart raced in my chest,
and I flew through the door.
And at that moment
I was too late,
I saw him lying so helpless there
making his way through heavens gate.
So why is life so unfair,
that evening I was too late,
we were too late.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is it Love

Is it Love
Is it love when I think his name,
Is it love when I see his face,
Is it love that I should blame,
as if the bad luck ace.
Is it love when I dream his eyes,
Is it love when I sense his thoughts,
Is it love when I believe his lies,
as if he knows he's caught.
Is it love when I read his mind,
Is it love when I finish for him,
Is it love when I know he's kind,
as if the future never goes dim.
It's love when he reads your thoughts,
It's love when he truly cares,
It's love when he ties the knots,
as if he never again compares.
It's love when he wakes up starring,
It's love when he calls for no reason,
It's love your heart he's baring,
as if love lasts many seasons.
It's love both shall share,
It's love both will suffer,
It's love for both, true but rare,
as if to make you tougher.

For Life

For Life
Today I met my future,
it was bitter sweet.
I know he's mine for sure,
he swept me off my feet.
He walks me home to know I'm safe,
and kisses me goodnight,
doesn't believe in any faith,
just when he holds me tight.
Call me crazy for who I've found
and tell me it's in my dreams.
Love came and whispered a soft sound,
or that's what it seems.
I feel like Alice in his eyes,
hypnotized in love,
today he came by surprise,
as if sent from above.
I'm going for my chance tonight,
I'm going for it all,
I'm going for life's one fight,
I'm going before I fall.
Take my hand and run away with me
and run into the light,
run with me for life to be,
this is love at first sight.
Tonight we gaze upon the stars
and name what we could find,
the moonlight is forever ours,
I didn't seem to mind.
I love it when he holds my hand
and smiles when I look,
I wish we were in the sand,
because it's paradise we took.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Drifter

Love Drifter
From this day on my soul is yours to keep,
yes it's true, you that stole my heart for good
I've stolen yours and it's buried real deep.
It's love I've found that I never thought I could,
I guess I just didn't know how
to love a guy like you,
you bring out the girl in me,
the girl I never knew.
It's all coming fast, fast but oh so true.
How did I manage to find a guy like you,
I ran so fast and fell too much,
so much I was seeking that one's touch.
That one happened to be you.
So take my hand and guide me through,
starring out into the night, into the sky.
How did I manage to find the perfect guy,
who shares my thoughts and holds me tight,
together our future looks so happy and bright.
Holding on forever,
tell me that you need me.
Kiss me just forever,
my only fish in the sea.
That's where loves no limit,
where we belong together.
Where our hearts best fit,
where we are for better.
Way back when I was a love drifter,
drifting for another love believer.
Believing that he was around the corner
and now, now I've become the achiever.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction
In the devastation of mass destruction,
I look through those dead eyes
and see the peaking point of the sun,
which breaks in the wind of demise
and defeats temperature lies
to claim victory and have won.
Through the victim that he plays,
desiphering between sound waves,
water drops prick his icy pale skin,
clearly identifying each and every drop,
maliciously tasting he know he's caught.
And I can't fight this pain anymore
in my chest it will supress
no longer rendered weaker,
that crimson piece of my purple
growing stronger will defeat you
for it has found a new seeker.